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Steampunk prosthetic leg – Just for the sake of art

Artist Skinz-N-Hydez was working on this ‘Steampunk Leg’ that looks like a prosthetic one, but is actually only a shell. He has finished the job and has added one more creative piece of art to his gallery, which is already full of his earlier works. This 13-14 pound leg might not be functional, but is still appreciable job. You can find pool of his works on deviantART. Most of them are made from brass and leather and are wearable.

How to create an Egg Dalek (Images)

If you are a TV serial lover, then it’s almost impossible that you don’t know about the Daleks. These are mutants from the fictional world of science and were inseparable part of Doctor Who – A British science fiction television series. You might have tried to draw a Dalek yourself, but I guess, not on an egg ever. Now don’t give me that expression of impracticality of the idea. You don’t believe me? Have a look at this Dalek made from egg or on an egg without breaking the egg.

Xylophone made entirely from Musical Stones of Skiddaw

After watching this incredible piece of musical art, a type of xylophone, entirely made from ‘Musical Stones of Skiddaw’, I was reminded of some lines which I had heard long ago, don’t remember where, that nature is capable of producing the sweetest music and it does, but only a few are able to hear and enjoy that. The information available tell us that it was created around 1785 by an, an eccentric inventor called Peter Crosthwaite, who came across these musical stones accidentally while taking a walk between the mountains Skiddaw and Blencathra in North Cumbria, UK.

CrystalRoc creates fully crystallized XBOX for Microsoft

For a PR campaign Microsoft had commissioned CrystalRoc to produce a custom Xbox completely studded with Swarovski crystals. This might now be the first time that these two has teamed up together, but this piece is surely a unique one. The very shine, which glazed your eyes, didn’t come in an easy way. The whole piece took more than11,520 individual Swarovski crystals. All the embellishment work was finished in 72 hours. Even without any information about the expenses, it’s not hard to guess, at least, that it’s not a light one. Unfortunately, if you have developed a liking for this,...

Fastest road-legal Ferrari 599 GTO – Sizzling hot beauty

Fast supercars haunt the fancies of many, but rare to get these supercars on road. However, Ferrari 599 GTO is a real speed monster, designated as the fastest ever road legal car. Not only speed, but the beauty of this beast is charming –red ferocious design inspired from 599XX.

Fascinating ‘Liberty’ bullet watch

Bullet might be a symbol of an ultimate power for average human being and it always fascinates them. So here is a special piece for them – a bullet shaped watch, designed by Hublot’s special Confrérie Horlogère division, which you can wear as a necklace or attach it with your keychain. The time bullet is made from titanium with a shell casing made from black aluminum. You can call it ‘Liberty’. This fancy watch that features a tourbillon mechanism and a roller display on the side to indicate time has got a heavy price tag, which might disappoint many of...

Cool and colorful 36pencil Bowl

Many times small things make us feel bewilder with their unusual simplicity. This pencil bowl, named as 36pencil Bowl, seems simple, but still unusually beautiful. Viewers are free to interpret it as they want – as a tribute to the ubiquitous, and lovely, hexagonal color pencil, which is a blend of simple, locally available materials with high tech, custom designed interface part, which represents new internet-friendly production model.

15 Reasons Why Franzia is Awesome

I found this interesting list suggesting why Franzia is awesome and also found some lines which say that it’s a sort of homage to Mr. Franzia, the inventor of boxed wine, who died yesterday. I am not certain about the news, but thought you’ll be interested in the reasons to love Franzia. You can find the complete list on Buzzfeed.

Steampunk USB drive – Blending art and technology

Like before, I am on hunt for some cool and funky stuff. This time I found a Steampunk USB drive (8GB). With antique looks, this stylish USB drive will make it a fun to work with you pc. The body is carved out from brass and copper and on surface you will find a beautifully depicted silver steam train that seems to be moving and leaving the clouds of copper smoke behind.