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FORM_Z01 – An affordable universal multi-functional module for small homes

It’s not a surprise to see multi- functional furniture units are gaining popularity in the urban conditions where space efficiency has become a need. Form Z_01 is a similar idea to provide you a multi functional module, but with a more realistic vision. Mainly, it’s intended to satisfy those who can afford only a small room. Even in a small room of 17 square meters, Z_01 can make it possible to transform your room into a study room, a cloak room, a bedroom and a living room for parties. Even the maintenance is cheap as it’s not a complex task...

Faucet that projects a clean stream of water

This project was to develop a new set of faucet that applies the same principle to his concept as the renowned bathware manufacturer does to clean up the flow of water to produce a glass rod like water stream (streamline flow). Laminar flow or streamline flow occurs when a fluid flows in parallel layers that lead to no disruption between the two layers of the liquid. It is the opposite of turbulent flow. In fluid dynamics, laminar flow is characterized by high momentum diffusion and low momentum convection. We can also interpret it as; laminar flow is smooth, while turbulent...

Internet arrives at gym with Visioweb

Antigravity treadmill by from the house of the AlterG is a major breakthrough in fitness equipment industry. Technogym is another esteemed name in the same field that has added another feather to the same cap by introducing ‘ Visioweb,’ a new digital platform that provides the thrill of connecting to the web while burning some calories at gym. The new idea gives you an interactive training session, i.e. you can communicate with your online friends and promote your business, stream some music and play them via iPod while doing some workout. An integrated touch-screen display mounted on front bar of...

Japanese to grow rice in wearable Bra

You must have read about the present urban conditions and that the nations are running out of farming land. So many solutions have been suggested, but the Japanese are trying to take it to the peak. Growing rice in bra is their solution to this problem. What? Brassieres and rice? Yes, that’s right. Further, the manufacture wants to make people familiar with farming techniques through this bra. Wow! I think we should now prepare our self to grow mushrooms inside our underwear. Can’t say about the practicality and the main intention behind the idea, but the images and the video...

Giant sinkhole swallowed whole family with house (Images)

The whole family is watching TV and certainly their house is swallowed by a giant sinkhole. It’s not a scene from any movie, but a real incident that killed all the family members near St. Jude, about 77 kilometers northeast of Montreal, and north of St. Hyacinthe. NationalPost Writes:

World’s biggest Beer Stein on sale

If you love drinking, then this 35 pounds and over 4 feet tall beer stein (empty), is going to fascinate you for sure. Yes, that’s right. It’s real and worlds’ biggest in its category. On you can buy this piece to add a distinction to your bar. The original priced of this piece is $8,037.99, which has been reduced to $6,027.99 including free ground shipping. The reduced prize is your 25% discount. It’s a ethically cared stoneware that contains fine painting by Brueghel depicting a scene of wedding, of course a fine occasion for drinking. You’ll find it completely...

Megan Fox and Bumblebee are to get new looks in Transformer 3(Images)

Transformer 3 is on its way and, of course, maker is trying to make it better than earlier two. You will witness a change in both, the guardian ‘Bumblebee’ and Megan Fox. Modified Fox? Well, better we leave it for later. Let’s talk about the car.

Illuminating world at the dark bottom of sea

At the dark bottom of sea you will find more than you have ever expected from nature. Life is glitters there and that too in a majestically beautiful way. I found these images of illuminating creatures, inhabitants from underwater world, on National Geographic.

Pamela Anderson’s bronzed twins go on sale

Pamela Anderson’s bronzed twins go on sale

There are always two extremes of anything and if you are able enough to touch anyone of them, then you are a known personality. Marc Quinn has always taken interest in sculpting such personalities. He has already earned fame with his earlier sculptures in which he depicted a man who changed his face to look like a cat, and Thomas Beattie, the “man” (he was born female) who became pregnant, and now he is up again with Pamela Anderson.