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The Ben Miller Band shows BMW bike equipped with drum kit

Yes right, it’s a BMW bike with a complete drum kit as its sidecar and obviously it’s an odd one.  I am very sorry, I couldn’t collect any information regarding the this BMW music machine other than that I saw it on FB page of ‘The Ben Miller Band’. Ben Miller Band was in news for their curious and inventive music, instrument and equipment earlier too, but this time they have invented something very weird. You might recall their homemade one-string bass.

Recycled PET bottles stuffed with human hair makes good seating poufs

Designer Ola Giertz Bare designed two odd seating poufs stuffed with human hair, which were collected from the hair salon.  The project is called Bare Hair Project and was designed for Studio Västra Sandgatan, a Swedish hair studio in Helsingborg, Sweden.  It’s not only about recycling hair, but even the poufs are made from recycled PET bottles.

Dancing Dress by Ninna uses robotics to dance

Well, again I came across something, which I can relate to my previous article about Terminator PC Case Mod.  A Dancing Dress for a change to break monotonous fashion trends for a while. Now to be clear, this is not the dress you wear while you dance, but it’s a dress that dances even when you are standing still. Watch the video and you’ll know exactly what  puts it in the odd category.

Robot Terminator PC Case Mod is on mission

Creating a custom PC case mod might take weeks and that extends to months in case you imagine it to be extra artistic. You might have seen weird and bizarre case mods, but this Robotic Terminator with a loaded multi- barrel machinegun is too cool and unique to replace your CPU. What’s more interesting and unbelievable is that the maker took just two days to built it from scratch.

Mr. Lamp is a real world reflection of your personality

You might have not noticed, but everyday objects you use during your routine make a great difference, especially when you hate to be in monotonous. Mr. Lamp is just what your living room would need for a change. It’s a lamp cum full character coat hanger. The designer Rafael Morgan wants you to have a mirror image of your personality and lifestyle standing in front of your eyes, which is more real and material.

OMRON develops advanced and fast hand gesture recognition technology for mobile devices

Motions sensing and gesture recognition might not sound unfamiliar to those waiting to interact to machines through normal body gestures completely. However, new hand gesture recognition technology developed by OMRON is just onto making it finer and mobile. It’s no more limited to Nintendo  Wii, but OMRON has put it into mobile devices compatible with android and iOS mobile operating systems. Using OKAO Vision, a Japanese image sensing technology, the program uses statistical classification method and model-fitting technology in a small memory. A 40-pixel image (minimum) in height will help best detecting hand movements in any direction like up, down,...

Pebble – Advanced and stylish Car Security System

As compared to Pebble, the existing car security systems in the market are not much easier and stylish to use. Pebble works on sliding up – down system. An upside push on the top is used to unlock whereas downward push is used to lock the system.

Stetheadphone from Antrepo Design Industry

If one of your many desires, one was to become a doctor and wear that stethoscope around your neck, then the Antrepo Design Industry has got a candy for you. Their “Stetheadphone” might not be able to make you a doctor, but for sure, is a cool tool to enjoy music and use your communication devices.

Racing Rolls-Royce in Andrew Chirkova’s style

These concept images just depict Andrew Chirkova’s desire to experiment on a racing car Rolls-Royce with a mid-engine layout. As it’s just a concept, not much has been said about the technical specifications; but no doubt, it’s a fabulous treat for those who love sport cars. You can check out the designer portfolio with some first words about the inspiration.

Memento is the future of collection of your precious memories

Memories are one of the most precious things that make us living being. Past affects the present, and present affects the future. Being so, someone conceived the idea of storing these memories in a way that’s almost as alive as our memories. You can call ‘Memento’ a sort of communicating device that will help you keep alive your personal history. Memories are stored in multitude of data in which they are saved and then form multi sensory stories to tell in times ahead. The nano-hinges on a textile screen made it a conceivable idea for the designer.