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Hacker’s minds portrayed (Images)

Hackers find joy in breaking the codes set by brains who think they are genius. They play in virtual world and jolt the material. Not all hackers are threat and work for the good of everyone. But I am not going to tell what they do and how. I have some portraits expressing the mind of hackers or say, telling us how the world looks to hackers. If you are one of them or have some knowledge about it, you will get what I wanted to say.

Blank Wall Clock – Surprising simplicity

This clock is also round like others, but there is something special about it served with simplicity. I will say that you will feel it as simple as a DIY with some clock parts and white plastic sheet. What did the designer do? He just gave you the freedom to run you pen over the clock. See what you want to see at whatever hour you want. If you want change, then just erase what you had drawn earlier and start again. That’s all it’s about. But, why didn’t this idea strike you?

8 Reasons Why You Should Hang Out with an Elephant

We have reason behind our every act. Our individuality and our rights say we are free to imagine and we can create reasons for whatever we like. However, logics are important to support your reasons. Like Mr. Tom Bunny who has utilized is imagination to tell us that how beneficial it can be to keep an elephant and I appreciate his logics. You did an awesome job dude. I loved it. But, it’s not over yet. There are other animals too dude. Go after them and find some logics to hang out with them. Here are his 8 logical reasons,...

Walking Table – Fun with furniture

Have you imagined your furniture walking? No? But, Designer Patrick Hartog did and in fact he has created a walking table. It’s not an ordinary table. He made one from MDF and veneer and has got one prototype at his own home. If you guess it‘s some sort of robotic thing, then you are wrong and even I am not that serious about it. The table’s legs are in a walking position and if you look at it from different angles it appears as if it is walking. In short, designer has tried to have some fun with furniture. Not...

Craziest ride in an amazing simulator

Craziest ride in an amazing simulator

It’s the weekend and it’s the time for some fun. What are your plans? What is the most wired and adventures activity you can do? If you need some inspiration then have a look at this guy riding that really rocking simulator. I know nothing about the making and technical specification of this machine, but just that it will be really fun to play a video game on that thing.

Shadow Ebike: The First ebike with wireless brakes and wireless pedal assist system

Shadow Ebike:  The First ebike  with wireless brakes and wireless pedal assist system

Urban transportation along with traffic is posing substantial challenges to cope up with the emission problem. Technology has created the problem and now technology is seeking to provide the solution. New Shadow ebike is the new buzz in the personal mobility world as it differs from normal electric bikes. Shadow bike is the first electric bike to use the wireless technology. It features wireless brakes, wireless throttle and a wireless pedal assist system, with an integrated battery and motor design powered by proprietary, patent pending Daymak Drive technology. These features make it the most advanced electric bike present in the...

A Must watch Too Shall Pass – Lego Rube Goldberg video

A Must watch Too Shall Pass – Lego Rube Goldberg video

Guys I have a splendid show for you. For short introduction it’s a Lego Rube Goldberg in new OK Go video. Rest of it is meant to be watched and not to be explained in words. So don’t waste time and check out the video.

World’s largest house of cards in 44 days using over 218,000 cards

Wired and odd news interests us most and it’s a proven fact. So if you want to be popular then you should be able to imagine things which are almost like touching the sky for an average human being. Bryan Berg, an architect, has made news by building world’s largest house with playing cards. It took him 44 days and 4051 decks of playing cards, which means over 218,000 cards.

RC Live Steam Tank 1 in action

This small steam powered tank might not be of any use today, but it tells all about the basic science behind the working of locomotives. Stage by stage, the maker ended up with a perfect fully working piece. It wasn’t an easy task. First a wilesco D49 double piston engine was tested, but was removed as it was using up too much steam for the vertical boiler to keep up. RC control was added to the final model in which a Mamod SE3 boiler with super heater replaced the earlier one.

The Electric Personal Transporter for the laziest

I must say human beings are making every possible effort to feed their laziness. This four wheeled electric personal vehicle is one example. It is meant to give you a small distance ride at a mild speed of 12-14 mph. You can roam effortlessly on sideways, sidewalks, and in park etc. It is powered by a 500-watt electric motor, which is the only thing I find positive in concern with environment. It doesn’t matter how I individually rate it. It can be a great thing for you. So go through the specification and decide if you want one.