18 Aerial Images of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

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  • chicher

    astounding aerial photos

  • qaluch

    Disaster!!!! Who’s responsible to clean?? Punnishment …

  • Springen

    Is it just me or does the third one down look like a horse???
    Truly this is just horrible…

  • ksurf

    Wow… It does look like a horse, and yes this is horrible. I live on the Gulf of Mexico and this is some pretty scary stuff. We smell the oil daily.

  • http://tourguidehawaii.com Donald B. MacGowan

    Oh, what good…the joyless and supercilious Spelling Nazis haven’t trolled this site yet! We knew you meant “Aerial”, not the Little Mermaid or the professional wrestler Ana Rocha…great photos, dude!

  • http://www.velamen.tumblr.com Velamen

    Scary how beautiful it looks from the air.

  • bloging marking

    they did not even stop the oil comin out. its still getting bigger. its gonin to killl so many animals. every one should pray for them.