Monthly Archive: May 2010

FORM_Z01 – An affordable universal multi-functional module for small homes

It’s not a surprise to see multi- functional furniture units are gaining popularity in the urban conditions where space efficiency has become a need. Form Z_01 is a similar idea to provide you a multi functional module, but with a more realistic vision. Mainly, it’s intended to satisfy those who can afford only a small room. Even in a small room of 17 square meters, Z_01 can make it possible to transform your room into a study room, a cloak room, a bedroom and a living room for parties. Even the maintenance is cheap as it’s not a complex task...

Amazing Fire Art (Pics)

Art is an expression of feeling and this is what an anonymous artist has tried to do by virtue of fire flames. He has very ingeniously molded photographs of caustic flames with the help of a slight graphics editing program to give them beautiful shapes matching to either a human being or an animal. Have a look at the bunch of images pinned below to see how the artistic has depicted his love for all creatures of God.

PUPPO chair is a neat piece of transforming furniture

The whole world moves around transformation and saving space. The purpose of PUPPO chair is the same. This chair can accommodate itself in a small space with sweet looking furniture. Keeping in mind the urban apartments, the designer has conceptualized this chair for those people who live in small spaces. The Puppo can be transformed into three different pieces of furniture, i.e., chair, a table, and finally a storage box. It becomes handy while shifting to another apartment or might work as a portable storage for picnic spots.

EGrill portable grill ignites passion for outdoor cooking

For people living in small spaces and outdoor lover, portable grill is vital piece of equipments that tops the list. The EGrill is another portable gear that adds fuel to your burning desire. It’s an electric portable grill that cooks some tasty food for you in a while resting on your tabletop. The grill is powered by electricity making it more energy-efficient, cheap to run, and easy to use. The grill has two tube elements containing tungsten filament suspended in halogen gas. Electricity passes through the tungsten filament making it evaporate gradually. The halogen gas carries the evaporated tungsten particles...

Small kitchen concept is one small step to promote green lifestyle

Modularity is a term that has added new meanings to contemporary design process. Thinking accordingly, industrial designer ‘Meihui Lin’ has designed a small kitchen meant small apartments. The kitchen is a boon for the urban terrain that has versatility in design, i.e. adjustable height, drawer oven, adjustable counter-top, and rotating cabinet to get adjusted in a small space.

Faucet that projects a clean stream of water

This project was to develop a new set of faucet that applies the same principle to his concept as the renowned bathware manufacturer does to clean up the flow of water to produce a glass rod like water stream (streamline flow). Laminar flow or streamline flow occurs when a fluid flows in parallel layers that lead to no disruption between the two layers of the liquid. It is the opposite of turbulent flow. In fluid dynamics, laminar flow is characterized by high momentum diffusion and low momentum convection. We can also interpret it as; laminar flow is smooth, while turbulent...

Shot down your old car for a new look

Of course you can try this with your new car, but every car becomes old after years and you might lose your interest in that old one. But you still have an option to get new looks to your old masterpiece. So it’s time to take out your guns and try some gunshots to etch new design on your car. Please don’t try it if you can’t afford to buy a new one or can’t bear the expenses. The BMW in pics has the same ending with a sculpture look and nice design on body with gunshots. This art is...

Big sinkhole – Enjoy lake on road!!

Few days ago we have seen a landslide sinkhole near St. Jude which took many lives and now, just a week later we have another sinkhole that caused M1 motorway track closed for days in Hungary.