Must watch Ghost Recon Future Soldier trailer

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  • Alton Cushner

    Have you in your life gone to a wedding party and felt sorry for the groom because he picked the biggest loser friend to be the best man. It happened to me, we travelled a very upscale wedding and the Best Man’s speech was so terrible that it was frightening that this dude was the groom’s best friend. After they found the best man, he got up to the microphone and provided this speech: “This couple, Bill and Monica are great and I hope their life is filled with fulfillment and all those things that make a marriage great.” This is what you will get when you don’t plan a speech. When I got married couple of years later I didn’t want my best man to be the topic of gossip for years into the future so I sent him this set up on how to write a best man speech. It relieved the worry and his speech was superb, relaxed and poignant.