Taurus – Safe and zero emission urban transportation concept

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  • Nice, er, parking leg on that Bull!

  • travelist

    Awesome – finally something that makes sense. The technology of the Segway was cool but a lousy idea for deployment. Who wants to have to stand up the whole time. Might as well walk, it never made any sense.
    This is finally a product/device that makes sense, sitting down and traveling the urban environment but using clean green electric power.

    I hope this gets into production soon. This would be a big hit. Instead of geek/nerd Segway, this looks cool and is practical! The um….er….kick stand is a bonus….grin.

  • Steve

    Too bad our most widely used form of electricity production is coal, which is also the highest in emissions. So much for any electric vehicle being called zero-emissions.

  • Daddio on the Paddio

    I am handicapped and this looks great!!! I dress out at 160 kilos (am an ex-football [USA] player and weight lifter), and have had 2 knee replacements and a steel plate screwed into my tibia…I hope they build one for us super heavyweights

  • Allredy tried walking?
    Are jobs more important then health and zero emissions?

    @Steve U are right

  • zarniwoop

    I didn’t see a top speed published… any ideas?

  • lumpus

    … has anybody ever thought what happens if you drive around a corner? looks great but is against all physics. putting the wheels ahead of each other is looks not so fancy, but is a much better idea.

  • big kate

    i hope that this concept gets the media coverage it should and I hope that a manufacturer takes this to production.

    Segway was a good idea, but this is great designed solution. It feeds into our emotions, our conceptions of transport. It takes the feel of a classic Ducati or Japanese sport bike that has fed our culture since the seventies, itself feeding on horse back travel that has been in our culture for thousands of years

    i that one day i may own one

  • Jim Bob


  • Jefe de la Planta

    It looks like a toy for obese kids. Comparing this to a Vespa is like comparing lard to cream. As a scooter for the disabled however, this might make a sensible vehicle.

  • nice idea…

  • ideacool

    cool?very coooooooool.

  • Om

    Be cooler if they had a 1 wheeler. Now how easy would that sucker be to park.

  • Dave

    I would hope a production version would have a headlamp that pivots vertically (on it’s horizontal axis). It would seem at first glance that, fixed as it is, it would cast light farther out at slower speeds, and closer in at higher speeds, since the speed is apparently dependent on the degree of forward lean. This would be opposite the most effective configuration.

    I also hope the name changes, as it would be a shame to have the launch delayed or scuttled as a result of a predictable, and probably not winnable law suit with Ford. Maybe Minotaur?

    Zero emission fallacy aside (Steve is right), it is a neat development of the Segway concept. I hope to see it on the road.

  • This won’t work. This wouldn’t b able to go any faster then a segway due to physics. It’s for farting around and not real Long distance trans. Sorry folks.

    However, great idea on a Seated Segway. Let’s go segway, how about it?

  • Tommy

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  • vjohnson@drury.edu

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  • Teresa


    I would like so much to know if the taurus balance vehicle is only a prototype or if it is already for sale.
    Could you please please please send me an email with more info?

    Teresa F


  • Boo, I crashed my car yesterday :(. Ride safely!

  • Mike

    two wheels, zero emissions, single rider . . . how is this different from a bike? You know, other than being at least an order of magnitude more expensive, less reliable, dorkier, and slower.

  • Hrmm that was weird, my comment got eaten. Anyway I wanted to say that it’s nice to know that someone else also mentioned this as I had trouble finding the same info elsewhere. This was the first place that told me the answer. Thanks.

  • kobaxe

    We are sorry for what happened to your comment. We get thousands of spam comments daily, so it becomes very hard to get through all the comments.

  • creeko

    Steve is right… electricity is made from coal, nuclear power plants etc. This is too often left out of discussions. And another thing: while this contraption is great for handicapped people, why is using a real (human+pedal powered) bicyle not possible? Zero emissions!

  • youmodels.net

    two wheels, zero emissions, single rider