WTF does it mean?

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  • flufykat

    its a vulgar reference to that rap video and the family guy episode where a guy getting a lap dance slides his credit card down one of the woman’s anatomical crevices as if to to say he will pay for the dance with the card but in a sexual way. The “who needs credit cards” is an implication that instead of the card, you can slide something else in there, specifically something of your own anatomy. enjoy.

  • Guitar Tuition Reviews

    Have to give them props for truth in advertising. There is no more valuable commodity than what lies beneath.

  • jillian michaels diet

    Thanks for putting this together – this is a great article for those of us with our heads buried in the keyboard all day.

  • sVG20B Excellent article, I will take note. Many thanks for the story!

  • Amy

    The panties are for girls who are kind of whores.

    “Who Needs Credit Cards?” when you have a vagina is the implication. Obviously, a girl with those panties believes her junk drawer is so luscious that guys will pay her for the privilege of putting their junk in it.