Swimming nose-to-nose with a giant Whale

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  • Bill Franken

    What the hell is with that last pic? That black guy doesn’t look like a whale

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  • Taras Kiseliuk

    Amazing pictures, but do not touch the mammals! You do not belong in their ecosystem, it is not healthy for them!!

  • NoctheniK

    @ BIll Franken – “And finally, the man behind the scene Andrew Armour.”

  • Jacobvats

    Nice picture— do you dare to touch them— it’s beyond thinking

  • Someone

    They’re called sperm whales. I don’t mean to be a smart alack; just spreading the word. 🙂

  • Jan

    RE: What the hell is with that last pic? That black guy doesn’t look like a whale

    Genius, “the black guy at the end” is the person the entire article is about. The world might make more sense if you learned to read. Just a thought.

  • meh

    that whale’s penis is sticking out.

  • Will

    oh wow…did none of you get that the guy was KIDDING. Jesus christ people.

  • spaceface

    Holy fucking shit. -Amazing- photographs.

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